The Cross

The story of the unique cross at Christ Church

When the new church was built in 1953, it was decided not to have a window behind the altar as the previous church had. A dark red, velvet drape was hung there until a local artist, Gendron Jensen, gifted the church with the present cross in memory of Lorne MacDougal.

Gendron, who was a good friend of the rector, Paul Berg, had been moved by Fr. Paul’s story about Lorne’s faith – that it was only by the grace of God that he had achieved sobriety after many decades of alcoholism. Lorne’s story also influenced Gendron in the design of the cross.

‘The river of God is full of water’ (Ps. 65:9)

Gendron chose this Bible verse because Lorne had spent his life near the Mississippi River even after an accident in the river cost him one of his legs. Gendron further carved “waves” into the design individually by hand.
Gendron Jensen, a Grand Rapids native, went on to become a nationally known artist whose bone drawings can be found in several prestigious museums.